EZ Spreader 75 Bushel Spreader
$97.00 - $4800.00

Cat No. EZ75G

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With a 75 bu. capacity this manure spreader is big enough for a large horse barn or small dairy. This is one of the largest ground driven spreaders on the market.

The box and bed are made with PolyTuf Plastic Lumber. PolyTuf is essentially maintenance free, with exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splintering and warping. It will not rot or rust!

  • Available in two wheel or four wheel configuration.

  • Four wheel configuration includes: Seat, Foot Rest, Guard and Auto Steering

  • Ag Traction Tires on rear axle 54”

  • Easy to Operate Hand Levers for web and beater control

  • T-Link Apron Chain

  • Tail Gate available

  • Litter Pan available

  • Lime Spreader Attachment available

  • Parts available for this and New Idea spreaders

  1. Two Wheel Model $4,500.00

  2. Four Wheel Model $4,800.00

  3. Litter Pan $295.00

  4. Tail Gate $550.00

  5. Lime Attachment $675.00

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